Probation revoked for man accused in Hannibal shooting

A Mexico, Missouri, man who was arrested in connection with a shooting incident in Hannibal last fall is heading to prison.

David Clayton, the Prosecuting Attorney has reported that on Wednesday, Tion Dorsey’s probation was revoked and his 10 year sentence would begin. Clayton said Dorsey will likely serve 85% of that sentence.

Dorsey was charged with Assault in the First Degree and Armed Criminal Action in connection with November 29 shooting incident in Hannibal

On Wednesday, Dorsey appeared Marion County Circuit Court for a final hearing on his probation case.  In 2008, Dorsey pleaded guilty to Assault in the 1st degree and received a 10 year suspended sentence. 

Dorsey has remained in custody since the November 29 alleged shooting and will go straight to the Department of Corrections. Dorsey is currently set for trial on August 27 in the shooting case.

The co-defendant, Myron Mahaney, 18, of Mexico, Missouri, plead guilty to a lesser of charge of shooting a gun at a house and received a 4 year sentence. He is currently serving that sentence in MDOC. 

Clayton said, “My office is reevaluating options for the trial. The victim in the alleged shooting is himself in the Department of Corrections for parole violations, the alleged shooter is serving a 10 year sentence and the co-defendant is serving a 4 year sentence. All persons related to the case are off the streets and now in prison. That will likely affect how we choose to proceed in Dorsey’s matter.”

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