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Quinsippi Invitational impacts local economy

The first ever Quinsippi youth baseball invitational is in Quincy and Hannibal all weekend, and the economic impact for local businesses could be huge.

"This tournament is a great tournament for the quality of the teams, and that’s why we’re here," said Coach Mark Doran, "We’re always looking to challenge ourselves as a team, and it’s a high profile like situation."

The Quinsippi Invitational, organized by Prospect Select Baseball, is an opportunity for players on teams like Coach Doran’s to get recognition from college recruiters.

"These are travel teams looking for exposure really for college coaches across the country," said Event Organizer Matt Stembridge, "a lot of these [college] coaches come to see these guys play. We’ve got a lot of people in town…you know, they’re going to stay at hotels, they’re going to eat at the restaurants."

While the opportunity for young players to get discovered is potentially huge, there’s also a huge economic opportunity for businesses in Hannibal and Quincy.

Event organizers estimate that over fifty-thousand dollars will be spent at restaurants and hotels in the area over the weekend.

If it does really well this year, then that’s going to be repeat business for us for the next year," said Quincy Quality Inn General Manager Kenyetta McFall, "So I’m excited to see something new coming into town that can mean more revenue for us for the next year."

For the full game schedule, check out their website here.


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