Eddie Munster Meet and Greet in Hannibal

Fans of the 60s show "The Munsters" got a chance to meet Eddie Munster today in Hannibal.

Butch Patrick, the actor who portrayed the son of Herman Munster, met with fans Saturday at Poage Chevrolet. Fans also got to take pictures with replicas of the Munster Koach and Drag-u-la from the show.

"The Munster car and Drag-u-la were built by George Barris," said Actor Butch Patrick, "These are my tribute vehicles that I purchased a few years ago that are 15 and 18 years old respectively. I tour around the country specializing in Chevy dealerships because they’re Chevy powered." 

Shirts and books were also available,  the show turns 52-years-old this year.



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