New survey reveals best and worst states for teen drivers

Just how safe are your kids behind the wheel? A new survey out by WalletHub shows Illinois ranking first when it comes to distracted driving and texting-while-driving laws. Plus, Illinois ranks second in the fewest number of teen DUIs. 

The reason is attributed to the state’s graduated driver’s license program. The program is meant to better prepare teen drivers by giving them more experience with parents around and limiting distractions. 

Jack Marth, 15, has to wait just a couple more months before he gets his license. Marth says he went through the drivers-ed program at Quincy Driving School about a year ago. 

"It was kind of intimidating honestly, just kind of hearing the stories of different people like drunk driving and like reckless driving and aggressive driving," said Marth.

After completing that program, Marth says he now has to obey by certain guidelines until he gets his driver’s license. Those guidelines include supervised driving as well as night-time and passenger restrictions. 

Officer Craig Russell with the Quincy Police Department says he wasn’t surprised to hear that Illinois ranked near the top when it comes to teen driving. 

"When it comes to teen drivers they tend to follow the rules a lot closer than people that have been driving for a while," said Russell.

Russell says teens sometimes get a bad rap when it comes to them and their cell phones. He says, for the most part, teens do put their phone down while driving.

"If we see it, obviously they’ll get a stop for it and it’ll be addressed appropriately," said Russell.

Here’s what you can do as a parent to help your teen driver. 

Touch each state to see the ranking from WalletHub:

Source: WalletHub


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