Farm Bureau board member, county commissioner candidate dies in tractor crash

The Marion County farmer who died Sunday in a tractor crash was remembered Monday as an advocate for agriculture and his community.

Authorities said Ralph Griesbaum, 58, died Sunday in a tractor crash on a rural road near Taylor, Missouri. Investigators said Griesbaum was working near a ditch when his tractor slipped and rolled over on top of him.

Fellow farmer Brent Hoerr said Griesbaum served on the Marion County Farm Bureau board for several years, even serving as president up until a couple of years ago.  Griesbaum and his wife, Cindy, were current Farm Bureau board members. Hoerr said Griesbaum’s son-in-law, Nathan Miller, sells Farm Bureau insurance out of Palmyra.

Hoerr said Griesbaum was running to be the next Marion County Presiding Commissioner.

Griesbaum shared his farming story with the Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA) in 2016. Griesbaum told the MDA that he operated about 2000 acres with his brother and nephew. Griesbaum said they raised corn, soybeans, wheat, hay, cattle and hogs. He said most of that ended up on local shelves.

"I changed more diapers on the weight pack of a tractor than I did anywhere else," Griesbaum said. "I wanted my kids to go with me when they was little."

You can see that entire video below.

Griesbaum appeared regularly on WGEM News throughout the years, offering his farming expertise on a wide range of topics, including the weather, government regulations, and concerns that young people either aren’t getting into the farming business, or are being forced out by high costs. You can see some of those stories below.

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