Outdoor workers provide tips for long days in the heat

The recent heat in the Tri-States is dangerous for anyone who’s outdoors for an extended period of time. That’s especially true for people working outdoors.

Construction workers are adjusting their schedules to deal with the heat. 

"We started about an hour early this morning and we’ve been taking breaks probably about every hour to hour and a half," Koontz Builder Crew Member Roger Baker said. 

And with good reason. Extreme heat makes it crucial for outdoor workers to pay extra attention to their health. 

"We take water breaks and cool down and just taking your time," Baker said.

Managers at Koontz Builder say crews start earlier in the mornings and quit earlier in the afternoon to avoid the heat of the day. The workers say it’s a group effort to make sure everyone stays hydrated.

When it comes to working on site during a heat advisory like today, workers say they’re not only looking out for each other, but they’re also getting checked on by management to make sure they stay safe.

"Management makes it easy to stay cool by giving us a lot of water breaks," Koontz Builder Crew Member Brady Hopson said. 

This crew is experienced. But, they still talk about the importance of preparing for the heat. 

"We’d rather keep everything running smooth, and maybe it takes a little longer, but we don’t really worry about that much, as long as we’re getting done what we need done," Baker said.

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