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New firefighter gear in the works for Quincy Fire Department

Quincy firefighters are discussing plans to get new, updated gear. It was part of Monday night’s Fire Committee meeting.

Quincy Fire Chief Joe Henning is looking to purchase nine new sets of firefighting gear, which includes a coat, pants and suspenders, for about $15,000.

Henning says a firefighter’s gear has a replacement cycle of seven years. So this year the department is looking to replace five sets and buy four more sets for new hires. 

Henning says they’re also looking to buy new firefighting hoods, two sets for every firefighter. 

He says the ones they have now provide thermal protection, but unfortunately the hoods allow for carcinogens to get through. 

"One of our cancer prevention efforts is to try and purchase these new types of firefighting hoods to help exclude the majority of those carcinogens to help lower the risk of exposure to potential cancer causing agents," said Henning.

The hoods are about $67 a piece. 

Henning says they plan on buying one set with city dollars  and he applied for a grant to get the other set. Henning plans on bringing these issues before the city council next week for approval. 


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