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Hannibal church proposes shelter for recovering addicts

Talks are underway for a new drug counseling and treatment center at a Hannibal church.  

The shelter would be on the second floor at Embassy Christian Church, located at 600 North Street. Construction is not underway for the shelter just yet, as Pastor Kevin Williams says it was simply an idea he had coming out of his past struggles with addiction. 

Williams said he wants renovate the second floor, of what used to be the former Pettibone Elementary School building, as a place where men and women, who are recovering addicts, can come and get help transitioning back into society. Williams said he would work with those at the shelter in getting GEDs and a job. 

"They’ve lost their job," said Williams. "They’ve lost their ability to have an apartment, have lost everything and they have no hope. We wanted to give them a hand up, not a hand out, but a hand up to very motivated women and men that want to change their life."

Several neighbors have spoken out against Williams’ idea, saying they aren’t comfortable with the idea of having recovering drug addicts in their neighborhood. 

At Tuesday night’s city council meeting, Williams agreed to meet with those neighbors to help ease their concerns. He also agreed to allow the city manager and 2nd Ward Alderman Mike Dobson to be present at that meeting, which is not scheduled as of now.


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