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Hannibal city council approves 2018-2019 budget

Hannibal City Council approved the budget for fiscal year 2018-2019 and it’s a little more than previous years. 

The total budget for all city entities is about $36 million. That includes the general fund, police and fire retirement fund, unused sick leave, the revolving loan fund and the sales tax line items. 

Hannibal City Clerk Angelica Zerbonia says over the next fiscal year they have some big projects, which has increased their budget. 

"Sales tax capital line items is a little bit higher this year with riverfront redevelopment," said Zerbonia. "We are budgeting for a new tourism Hannibal Convention and Visitors Center."

The riverfront redevelopment project is expected to cost an estimated $5 million. The new convention and visitors center is estimated to cost roughly $1.8 million.


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