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Manchester Tank holds annual Safety Day

Manchester Tank’s Safety Day dedicates a whole workday to demonstrating and teaching safety drills to its employees. It’s an eye-opener for a lot of people.

"It shows our commitment," Manchester Tank General Manager Corrie Eifert said. "Safety is not only, you know, important for us as a company, but also for them."

An emergency can happen at work at any time. Manchester’s goal is to be as prepared as possible.

"Get that mindset of ‘hey, if you see somebody who’s not doing something safely, you need to recognize it and correct it,’" Eifert said.

This Safety Day allows employees to learn safety procedures in all departments in the plant. It also teaches them about safety equipment. This year, the training was more hands on.

"We’ll actually bring those in and have a live fire event," Eifert said. "Typically it’s kind of a classroom setting, to where we kind of test how we do it, but not physically do it. We thought this time we’d have Tri-County come in and do a live fire event."

Workers here say that drills like these prepare them for real emergencies while working, like a fire.

"Our company cares about us so much, that they’re worried about our safety," Manchester Tank Employee Amy Graham said. "They want to make sure we know from top to bottom what needs to be done, how to be safe and where you need to go if you don’t know."

The company brings in venders to help teach employees. Some of those include Blessing Hospital and Tri-Township Fire Department, who help Manchester’s employees learn as much as possible and to ensure one thing: safety for employees.

"That’s what’s important and the engagement to show how committed we are to it, so that we have a safe work environment for them," Eifert said.


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