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New technology allows a Tri-State man to see for the first time

New technology is helping a legally blind Tri-State man see for the first time.

Kevin Hollander uses eSight glasses. With the help of an HD Camera and new lenses, he has 20/20 vision and is able to see things for the first time that he never would’ve imagined.

Kevin Hollander gets a ride to his job at Siemens every day, but he’s got a new outlook on life, ever since he received eSight glasses. 

"I told my sister, This is how you see? This is what you see? You see all this stuff? I’m like, yeah cause I didn’t know," Kevin said. 

The glasses look like a visor. There’s an HD camera that captures everything and with a remote control. The wearer can zoom in and out from a distance to see everything clearly. 

"I’ve never seen a bird before, you know, I saw a bird, but it was a black object. I’ve never seen feathers, colors or things like that. I never could read license plates," Kevin said. 

Kevin’s sister, Julie Gerveler, says Kevin has been legally blind since he was three years old. He used to get bullied in school because of his glasses and demeanor, but ever since the glasses came in, she says he’s turned into a new person. 

"His self-esteem. More independence. More gung-ho about doing things and getting stuff done," Julie said.

The glasses cost $10,000. Kevin was able to buy them with help from an anonymous donor and the eSight company. 

"It’s intimidating, this is a very fast world we live in. When you are limited with vision or hearing, you are at a big disadvantage," Kevin said.  

Julie says she was skeptical about it all at first, but the process was well worth it. 

"He could never tell if we were happy, only if it was a tone in your voice or something he heard, he couldn’t see it. When he could see me smile at him, it was the most incredible thing," Julie said.

 The visor is battery-powered and it lasts up to six hours. Kevin wears it three hours a day to get his eyes adjusted. He still can’t drive but he hopes one day, he’ll be able to do it all.

eSight is a Canadian company based out of Toronto. To date, they have sold more than 81,000 glasses, worldwide. The founder created the glasses to create a better life for his two legally blind sisters.

You can donate to help buy someone a pair of the eSight glasses here.

You can find more information on the eSight glasses here.


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