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QU Fund reaches goal for 8th year

Quincy University reached it’s goal for the 8th straight year for the annual QU Fund. 

The university raised $1,064,390, increasing the funds by five percent from last year.

The money was raised thanks to donations from investors, alumni, and local businesses.

“The success of any endeavor requires the efforts of many,” said Vice President for University Advancement, Julie Bell. “The generosity of our investors, including alumni, friends, employees, parents, students, businesses and foundations, provide the resources necessary to offer our students the unique opportunity to learn and grow within the Franciscan heritage.”

With college becoming more expensive each year, the fund tries to help families and students. 

"They need that financial aid package, along with student loans, and help from whatever their family can contribute," alum and chairperson Kevin Reller said. "You know if they can have some endowment scholarships that make that package work, that’s what it comes down to, including the competitiveness with universities."

The fund also supports campus projects, technology upgrades, and faculty development. 

“Quincy University continues to grow and the success of the QU Fund ensures we are able to meet the needs of our students for years to come,” said Phil Conover, president. “I am grateful to the alumni, friends and Tri-State community for stepping up to help us meet this year’s goal.”


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