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Recent rains bring temporary relief for crops

Most of the Tri-States is still abnormally dry and parts are suffering from a moderate to severe drought. Local farmers said the recent rains were needed, but it’s only a temporary relief.

Illinois Farmer, Les Post, said corn is entering a very critical stage of the growing process called pollination. He said if it is too hot and there’s not enough rain they could miss pollination. Meaning there will be no corn. However, Post said there is still time for the conditions to change.

"Right now there is still a lot of potential out there," said Post. "I think we’ve probably lost a little bit in some areas, on some of our top yields, but with the right rains and weather throughout the rest of the summer there’s still an enormous potential."

Post said the soybeans are doing well. The critical time for them is at the end of July and August.


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