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Student give special donation to a local non-for-profit organization

Things are a little brighter tonight at Quincy’s Quanada shelter.

That’s thanks to the students in the Upward Bound Summer Program, hosted by John Wood Community College. The program for at-risk students involves community service. When serving at Quanada, the students decided it could use some decorating and they decided to create some artwork. Becky Butler with The Budding Artist helped by donating the supplies to the students and gave a painting tutorial. They delivered that artwork today.

"The whole purpose is really just to help them understand the value of volunteering," Jennifer Peters the Upward Bounds Program Manager. "To hopefully get them to volunteer on their own."

"I think it’s really really special, because I’ve never done something like this," said Shae Smith a student who made one of the paintings. "I never knew I could do something like this. I feel like a big part of the community."

Quanada Executive Director Megan Duesterhaus said the shelter rarely has the money to spend on artwork and the paintings will make Quanada feel more like a home.


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