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Police release more information about motorcycle vs. bicycle crash

Quincy Police sent out a report regarding the motorcycle vs. bicycle crash from Saturday morning. 

Police said it happened at Columbus Road near Cheshire Blvd around 10:33 a.m.

Police said Roger Brenner, 75, of Quincy was riding his red bicycle towards the intersection and 59-year-old Jimmie Beswick of Quincy was approaching the same intersection on his motorcycle. 

The report said Brenner was trying to head north on Columbus Road but Beswick could not slow down. 

The report said Beswick tried to avoid a collision, but he swerved and both the motorcycle and bicycle collided head on.

Both drivers were ejected from their bikes and Beswick’s motorcycle continued down the road, crashing into a garage door at 1011 Nottingham. 

Police said both men were transported to Blessing Hospital. 

Police said Brenner was pronounced dead at Blessing Hospital and succumbed to his injuries. 


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