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CSI camp gives students hands-on experience

Your child may be a crime scene investigator in the making. Thanks to Western Illinois University, students are seeing what it’s like to be "on the scene." 

Lauryn Sanders is a junior in high school, who plans to study criminal justice when she gets to college in two years. A camp at Western Illinois is allowing her to get an inside look of what her life could be like after college. 

"I’ve always been interested in CSI and NCIS, so I was like, ‘it’s probably really similar,’" Sanders said.

Sanders and other students spent their morning investigating crimes, by tracking intruders’ footprints and finding evidence with lights. Crime Scene Investigator Garrett Tasker taught the class, giving students hands-on experience in the field. 

"I wish I had that opportunity when I was their age," Tasker said. "I didn’t really get that, and the questions they had, you could tell they really did their research and they’re into it."

Professors at Western Illinois say that this is a step in the right direction when it comes to recruiting students to come join their law enforcement program.

"Hopefully we’ll garner that interest that they already have and we’ll help them polish it a little bit, so when they make a decision about where they’d like to go to a university and study, they’ll come here to our program at Western," Law Enforcement Professor Thomas Meloni said.

Students will continue to get hands-on experience throughout the week. 

"The footprint thing, I’ve never done that before," Sanders said. "It was really cool. I kept it as a souvenir and am probably going to go home and brag about it."


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