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Efforts to preserve historic Quincy Junior High underway

There’s a big effort underway to preserve some of Quincy’s oldest school buildings, this as work continues on several new elementary schools.

The junior high was built in 1933, and has a lot of wear and tear. The stained glass above the doors is now replaced with plywood while the glass is refurbished. 

It’s just one part of a $2 million project to keep the school’s historic charm. 

Another part of the project is the roof. Water damage is visible from the inside of the high school. This was just one of the signs that the roof, which is about 25 years old, needed replaced. 

"Since it had several different layers of roof, they had to tear down all the way down," said Superintendent Roy Webb.  "They started that before school even got out."

Building Supervisor Ryan Clair says crews are also working on restoring the original brass hardware on several of the doors. 

"The push bars, the locking mechanisms, they were all taken off and sent off to be re-polished and they look brand new, original, just like they would of back when the building opened," said Clair.

The importance is keeping the art-deco features that are signature of the 1930’s infrastructure. 

"All my guys, we love working in this building because of how old it is and what it means to this community," said Clair.

Clair says the $2 million being spent this go-round is one of the biggest renovation projects at the junior high in quite some time. 

"Projects like this are what’s going to help this building be around for another 100 years," said Clair.

"The whole community uses this building almost on a weekly basis so it’s important that we upkeep it and keep it to the standards the community expects," added Webb. 

Construction on the roof and the upgrades to the doors should be wrapped up sometime this fall. 


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