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Plans for new nightclub in Downtown Quincy

Plans are moving forward for a new nightclub in Downtown Quincy. 

At Tuesday night’s Plan Commission Meeting, members recommended a nightclub operate at 124 North 5th Street. It used to be Irene’s Nightclub, which closed in 2016. 

Earlier this month, ‘danger’ signs were posted after a water main break compromised a wall in the building, but the people taking over say they’re willing to spend the money to bring it back up to code.

"It’s a nightclub where you proudly fly your rainbow colors and say I am exactly who I am; gay, straight or indifferent," said Quincy businessman Chris Taylor. "We want to create a place where our clients can come and feel like whichever one of those things they choose, or even if it’s a couple of them, they’re welcome."

The plan commission’s recommendation now goes to city council for final approval. 

If council gives the go-ahead, Taylor says they will start working with investors to fix the building. 


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