Adams County residents speak out about proposed swine facility

Adams County, Illinois residents are speaking out about a proposed swine facility. 

It was standing room only at Wednesday night’s public information meeting at the Adams County Courthouse regarding the facility slated to be built east of Columbus, near Camp Point. 

The facility would be a breed-to-wean farm with about 3,000 sows producing about 65,000 pigs per year for other owner-producers. Pike Pigs General Manager John McIntire says it would bring jobs and tax revenue to the area. 

"It’s going to produce about $3,000 for the township," said McIntire. "It’ll produce nine jobs and associated jobs with that. It will take about 3,700 tons of feed a year which will be produced locally by a co-op that makes the feed."

Several residents at Wednesday night’s meeting say they’re worried about increased traffic on county roads and the smell produced by the proposed facility, as well as property values diminishing due to the facility.

"They’re still going to tax you for everything but your property, who is going to go buy a $200,000 home when you have a hog confinement one mile from you or two miles from you?" said Clayton resident Samuel DeMoss. "You’re still going to smell it."

The Adams County Board now has 30 business days to make a non-binding recommendation to the Illinois Department of Agriculture on whether the facility meets the department’s guidelines. The board is expected to vote on this at their July 10 meeting. After the county’s recommendation, the department has 15 calendar days to decide whether or not to allow the facility to move forward with construction. 



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