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Quincy firefighters warn of heat related illnesses

The heat is reaching dangerous levels outside and it can quickly turn into an emergency situation if you’re not careful. With the heat expected to continue into this weekend Quincy firefighters say they’re expecting a busy weekend for heat related calls.

Quincy firefighters say the most common heat related illness they see is heat exhaustion. With temperatures expected to be near triple digits this weekend, firefighters say people need to be keeping an eye on their health. 

Quincy mom Alisha Winters looks on as her 4-year-old daughter tries to stay cool by playing in the fountains at Washington Park. 

"We just brought them out because it’s was going to be extremely hot and it’s free," said Winters. 

After being out at the fountains for about an hour, Winters says she starts looking for the signs of heat illnesses.

"I know that my daughter when she starts to overheat she’ll get a white ring around her mouth, like I do," said Winters. "So, that’s a sign that we need to get inside."

In the summer heat, Quincy firefighter Justin Twaddle says they pay attention to heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

"People are outside working, or even playing," said Twaddle. "When it gets this hot if they’re not properly hydrated they’re going to start to wear down and get nauseous and sometimes they get cold and clammy."

Twaddle says to pay extra attention to kids when they’re outside. 

"Bottom line is don’t keep them out in the heat too long, especially infants or young kids," said Twaddle. "Kids under one is hard to tell because they already have a hard time regulating their body temperature."

Doctors suggest drinking eight eight-ounce glasses of water a day at minimum to stay hydrated, also wear light colored clothes and give yourself plenty of breaks. 


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