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Guthrie’s Illini Supporters Become Friends

Luke Guthrie was raised in Quincy, Illinois and when he ascended to the collegiate ranks he didn’t have to look very far. He went to play for the fighting Illini at the university of Illinois. And those who helped him there, like the boosters, are still friends who support him today.

Illini booster Brad Kindelberger said, "We used to follow him all over the place. Especially when he was in college. A lot of the events were within driving distance, but the’s all over the nation so when he’s in Illinois we come find him. Whenever he sees us from Champaign I know it boosts him up a little bit definitely. It can’t help but help make him play better."

Guthrie added that, "They’re just Illini fans and boosters but they’ve turned into friends over the years because you spend four years over there and obviously we’ve kept in touch. We go back to Champaign a decent amount. Catch basketball games, football games, they’re just good friends."

The Illini love goes beyond the state as well. Guthrie said he’s seen Illini fans all over the world including Malaysia and Shanghai.


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