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A new life for a historic Tri-State hotel and a new plan to treat dementia

Millions of Americans have a family member struggling with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. Soon, there will be a facility in Macomb specially designed to help.

The project involves remodeling the historic Lamoine Hotel in downtown Macomb.

Over two years of hard work is now coming to a close, bringing what was once a historical hotel built in the 1920’s back to life, with a new purpose, helping the generation that lived through the Lamoine’s heyday.

Executive Director Annette Carper says when this whole project is done, the goal is to give people with dementia and Alzhemier’s a more fitting living area, opposed to a nursing home.

"When a person has dementia, a nursing home maybe isn’t necessarily the right step for them. They maybe just are at a place where they’re not taking their medication correctly or are scared, they’re not eating right, they need social interaction or they have depression because they’ve isolated themselves," Carper said.

The idea at Lamoine is to take a new approach to treating the disease.

Carper said, "it’s a very new concept to a way of looking at how we’re going to care for those with Dementia." 

Two floors of the new facility hold 24 studio apartments that will be dedicated to memory care, along with a dining room on each floor. There is also a restaurant, beauty salon, game room and other social areas on the main floor.

The Lamoine is set to open in September. If you’d like to get your family member in the Lamoine, officials say they’re not accepting applications yet, but you can set up an appointment by going to their website.

See the Lamonie Hotel over the years: WIU’s Digital Image Collection


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