Victims react to recent Fort Madison burglaries

Fort Madison police are on watch for more home burglaries after a recent string of them last month.

While the police chief said those crimes have recently slowed down, he’s urging the public to remain vigilant.

The reported call list from June shows 10 burglaries were reported in seven days.

While police have made some arrests, not all the cases have been solved and victims hope that will change.

"We looked at our garage and the frame around the door had been ripped off, it was hanging open, the nails were out and everything,"  Charlianne Blaise said. 

The Blaise family said someone stole sheet metal from their garage and then days later, someone stole their son’s bike. 

"Somebody around 9 p.m. jumped over our fence and went back out and it had to be them that went through the gate,"  Blaise said. 

Charlianne Blaise hopes police arrest whoever stole from her. Police said several kids are involved in these cases. Chief Tim Sittig said police arrested and charged a couple of juveniles who stole ATM cards.

"They run in packs," Sittig said. "You get four or five of them together, it’s after dark, easy to hide, and engage in activity they shouldn’t be. " 

After seeing surveillance video from a nearby business, Blaise believes adults are involved too. 

"The guy that had hopped our fence was wearing a white shirt, was older, wasn’t a kid, and he definitely knew right from wrong and shouldn’t have done what he did,"  Blaise said. 

Police are asking the public to be on high alert. 

"Leave lights on, let neighbors know so they can keep an eye on the place," Sittig said. 

Blaise hopes this ends because it’s been a big headache in the neighborhood. 

"It’s hard," Blaise said. "It definitely is. I wouldn’t ever steal from people, especially petty things like that. It’s definitely hard to deal with."

Sittig said overnight patrols have ramped up and officers have gone door to door, talking with residents about activity in the neighborhood and encouraging people to call police if they see anything.



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