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Local gas station speaks out about stealing gas

Police say the high gas prices are prompting more gas station drive-offs.

At certain gas stations, you’re able to fill up your car with gas before paying for it. But the problem is, some people are pumping gas and then driving off without paying. Now they’re considering changes to stop it. 

Gas station employees say it’s something they look out for a lot.

"It sometimes feels like we’re getting taken advantage of," an Ayerco employee said.

Adam Wienhoff is an employee at the Ayerco gas station at 24th & State Street in Quincy.  He often sees drivers pull up, pump their gas and leave.

"I would think it would be more prone to happen just because people don’t want to pay for the gas or they’re reluctant because of gas prices being so high," Wienhoff said.

Employees say that when someone steals gas, they’re often too tied up at the register to come track down the car and get the license plate number, so they hand it over to officials. 

"We’ll go to the gas station and they’ll have video surveillance of the car, the person, or if we know the person, then we can track them down and arrest them," Quincy Police Department Officer Kyle Holtmeyer said.

Quincy police say they respond to these calls at least twice a week, meaning they have to track down the owner and consider charge.

Meanwhile, gas stations are considering changes, like making all pumps pre-paid.

"To require them to come prepay first so that in order to pump the gas, they actually have to pay," Wienhoff said. "Otherwise, they can’t just say they’re going to pay inside, fill up and drive off."

Quincy Police say stolen fuel is usually classified as a Class A misdemeanor.


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