Resident, Canton officials have conflicting views on speeding issue

A resident in one northeast Missouri town is outraged over the number of cars he says speed down his road. Edward Hollis says the city of Canton, Missouri hasn’t done anything but city leaders tell an entirely different story.

On South 4th street in Canton, the posted speed limit is 25 miles per hour, but a resident on this street says too many people ignore that and drive a lot faster.

"If you’ve got a semi, it’s hard enough for a car that’s doing 35 or 40 to stop if a kid runs out," Hollis said. "But if you have a grain truck full, they’re not going to stop."

Hollis, who lives at 4th and Jefferson, says too often those vehicles are driving too fast.

"With a park and a school and all the vehicles going by so fast, you’d think they make a little bit more of an effort in slowing these guys down."

Hollis said he has met with both the chief of police and the mayor but claims nothing has been done The mayor says that’s not true.

"With limited resources and the amount of traffic that we do have, it can be hard to be everywhere at once and we have several hotspots in town that people are concerned about," said Canton Mayor Jarrod Phillips.

Police Chief Ryan Crandell acknowledges there’s room for improvement but says there’s only so much his officers can do.

"I have a son that goes to preschool on 4th street so anybody that thinks I don’t take the citizens safety seriously, they’re mistaken. I want that for everyone," Crandall said.

Hollis simply hopes drivers start to pay attention.

"Be mindful of kids. Kids aren’t thinking about semis going by. They’re thinking about playing because that’s what kids do."

Chief Crandell says the police department will make an effort to have more of a police presence in parts of town like South 4th where drivers are prone to speeding. Crandell said the problem is when an officer monitors a particular location, drivers obey speed limits but once the officer leaves, there’s not much they can do.



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