BBB warning about phone scams

The Better Business Bureau in Quincy is warning people to ignore robo calls threatening a lawsuit from the U.S.Government.

The caller is aiming to have the recipient send money to make the lawsuit disappear. Mara Clingingsmith, regional director of the Quincy Better Bureau, says people fall victim to the scams and send money because of fear.

She added typically agencies will send letter in the mail about unresolved issues.

Jeremy Farlow said he received two calls in one day in June and both times the caller left a voice mail, telling him he needed to contact the caller to solve the issue.

Farlow did not sent the money, adding he knew it was a scam but he did share it on Facebook to warn others. Around 17 years ago, Farlow says he fell victim to a check scheme, where he lost money and the scammer was never caught.

The BBB says it is best to ignore the phone calls and do not press buttons, if given automated options simply hang up the phone. Phones scams are usually apart of a larger operation and they can dial thousands of numbers in minutes, Clingingsmith, said.

To track scams happening in your area click here and to report any scams contact the Better Business Bureau at (217) 228-9272.



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