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Local high school students get the college experience

High school students who are either at-risk or would be the first generation to go to a 4 year college and graduate are spending their summer going through a college simulation experience.

It’s part of the Upward Bound Program hosted at John Wood Community College. Students had to take 4 weeks of classes including math, science, English, foreign language, and financial literacy. They also visited different college campuses, learned about different careers, and lived in dorms at Quincy University.

"It really prepared me to make the choices that I can, so that my future is successful, I’m successful later on in life," said Shaqualla Hill a student in the program. "It’s been really good for me."

Program Manager Jennifer Peters said this program teaches academic and social skills to survive in a college setting

"I’ve learned that I need to really prioritize what’s more important, like homework or fun," said Chayton Covert a student in the program. "I know sometimes that I had to miss activities so I could get my work done. I’ve learned how to live with different people."

Next week to wrap up the summer program the students are going to Washington D.C.

Upward Bound also continues throughout the school year for Meredosia-Chambersburg High School, Pittsfield High School, Griggsville High School, and Quincy High School. Students in the program will be offered information on how to pay for college, apply for scholarships, and more. 

If your high school student is interested you can contact Jennifer Peters at 217-641-4348 or by email at Or your student can ask their school for more information. 


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