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Quincy Preservation Commission discusses local landmark designation

Tuesday, the Quincy Plan Commission met to discuss the possibility of making one of the city’s log cabins a local landmark.

The cabins are located on Quinssippi Island.

Commissioners said the local landmark designation could increase visitors to the attraction but the property owner, the Quincy Park District, has to sign off on the idea. Even if they do, the commission said they aren’t quite ready to make the recommendation to the city council.

"We also understand that some of those buildings may be on loan, i don’t know if that’s the right word or donated. Anyway, it’s a topic that requires more research before the commission can say yea or nay to the idea." stated Tom Fentem who works for on the Quincy Plan Commission.

The commission also tabled discussion on the demolition of a property at 932 Lind street.


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