Shelby County voters to decide if Clarence stays in school district

Both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ signs stake their claim in the front lawns of voters in Clarence, Missouri.

"Well for me it’s an easy decision, I don’t even have to think about it." said Susan McCarty who is voting Yes on Proposition 1.

In August, voters in the South Shelby School District  like Susan McCarty will decide if Clarence stays in the district or if it will leave and join the Macon School District.

"I think hands down Macon offers far more in their curriculum. They have lots of educational opportunities over there." said McCarty.

This comes after voters approved a tax increase that would close the elementary schools in Clarence and Shelbina in order to build one new school.

"It’s 240 kids that we would possibly lose out of our 700. That’s a large number of our students." said South Shelby Superintendent Tim Maddex.

The new elementary school will be built next to the middle school. It’s expected to be open by the fall of 2020 but if this vote passes, those plans could be in jeopardy.

"This could have a financial impact of 1.8 to 2 million dollars. So some of the programs that we currently offer will have to be looked at to see the viability of those based on the loss of funding." said Maddex.

McCarty believes it makes more sense for Clarence kids to go to school in Macon, "We go there for everything else. the doctor, the dentist, eye care, groceries and major car repairs."

The redistricting issue is on the August 7th ballot.

Voters in the Macon school district will also decide in the August election whether or not they want to include Clarence into their school district. If both districts vote yes, the change happens immediately and students in Clarence would go to a new school in Macon county this fall.



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