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Teachers move in to new elementary school

The new Iles Elementary School is almost ready to open and teachers are in the process of putting the finishing touches on the school to make sure kids can hit the ground running next month.

"It’s beautiful," First Grade Teacher Brittany Willett said. "It’s crisp, it’s clean. I’m the first teacher that’s going to be in that room, so that’s really exciting."

Willett teaches first grade and plans to spend the rest of her summer at the new school preparing for the school year. With the new school, comes new resources and Willett is excited to teach with the new movable smart boards that will be in each classroom.

"If I want to teach it in the front of the room, the back of the room, by the windows… I’m going to be able to move that smart board wherever I want it go, the kids are going to be able to pur their hands on it and get more involved."

Literacy Coach Mary Christensen here at Iles Elementary says the biggest thing the new school brings is opportunity, like this full room of new books.

"The key word for me is opportunity," Christensen said. "Now students, no matter where they go in the district, will have the opportunity to a wide variety of resources, those resources being these books in the new book room."

This new room will allow students to further their reading skills with a variety of books that meet their reading level and teachers can’t wait for the students to use it.

"These boxes represent instructional materials for children and I think from the first week, our kids should have materials in their hands." 

With the school year quickly approaching, teachers will stay busy making sure their classrooms are ready for the students.

"I’m going to do like sunshine themed," Willett said. "So, lots of bright yellow and just try to make it a fun, bright environment."


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