Lewis County Food Pantry serving more than ever before

Putting food on the table can be a struggle for many, especially during the summer months. A Northeast Missouri food pantry is seeing that struggle first-hand, they’re serving more people than they’ve ever served before.

People like Jacksson Timothy come to the Lewis county food pantry in Canton, Missouri the first Wednesday of every month to get help.

Jacksson Timothy works in southeast Iowa, but he still struggles to put food on the table back home in Canton. He comes to the Lewis County Food Pantry every month.

"Went through a couple jobs and finally found a pretty good one up in Charleston, with my wife home bound, it’s instrumental in making sure we get through the month," said Timothy.

And he’s not alone.

"Last month was a record month since we’ve been here in this location which was a year ago," said Volunteer Jerry Prather, talking about how over 240 families were helped last month, up from the average of around 200 families.

Prather said he sees the need jump in the summer months when kids are out of school but he says the need never stops.

Families like the Timothy’s say they appreciate the volunteers good-hearted nature.

If you need help, you can stop by the food pantry at 408 Clark Street in Canton, Missouri. It’s open from 9AM to 12PM, and 1PM to 6PM on the first Wednesday of every month, unless Wednesday is the first day of the month. All that’s required is that you are a Lewis County resident.

For more information or how to volunteer, contact them on their Facebook page here.



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