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Monroe City outsources management of water treatment facility

A Tri-State town is hopeful that its water woes are over. Monroe City will now outsource management of its water and waste water treatment facilities after contaminated water plagued the city. The city is contracted with a Nebraska company called People Service for the next 5 years.

"We presented it to our council. The council kind of looked over everything and we agreed that this is going to be the best fit for this city that we could ever have." said Mayor John Long.

As Regina Miskell washes her dishes Wednesday, she knows the water coming from her faucet is also safe to drink.

"My tea tastes just fine and my husband’s coffee tastes just fine." said Miskell.

The city will pay around $53,000 dollars a month for the service. This comes after the city struggled to find qualified people to maintain its water plant and it was just two years ago when the city was under a boil order for weeks because the city’s water was undrinkable.

"They said they will guarantee that we will have people here that are qualified to do this job." stated Long.

Miskell said even if prices were to go up, she simply doesn’t want a repeat of 2016, "It was a nuisance more than anything because with your cooking and making tea or anything like that, you needed to have boiled water and I’m sorry but boiled water just doesn’t taste good at all."

People Service will not own any part of Monroe City’s facilities.

They are contracted workers that maintain it and the mayor doesn’t expect rates to increase.


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