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Reality of dwindling sales taxes sets in for Quincy City Council

The reality of dwindling sales taxes is setting in for Quincy city leaders. It’s a loss Quincy city council was expecting and the budget is about right where it was projected to be after an update from the comptroller at Monday’s meeting.

Comptroller Sheri Ray said the city is dealing with a $128,000 budget shortfall after a drop in Quincy’s sales tax and home rule sales tax over the past three months.

She said the city accounted for a major budget decrease this year with a public safety fee but with fewer people shopping in Quincy retail stores and more turning to online shopping, sales taxes have taken a hit and so has the city’s revenue.

"We know we have declining revenues and when we passed the budget last year I think people thought it was a bit of a cry wolf type thing but it’s real. It’s a real decline and we have a budget in place that hopefully will accommodate those declining revenues." said Ray.

Monday, the council also discussed implementing school speed limit zones in front of new elementary schools. That led to discussion about sidewalks being put in outside the schools as well. Both those issues were simply discussed, and no action was taken.

Alderman did approve buying more mosquito spray to use around the city.


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