Recycling industry seeing changes due to regulations

Quincy Recycle General Manager Kyle Venvertloh says with on going changes in the recycling industry it is becoming harder to sell materials overseas.

China, a key player in the global recycling industry, has extensive regulations on what items can be shipped, including items must be cleaner compared to past years.

Venvertloh says now more materials are being sent to mills or processing plants domestically and crews have to make sure the items are clean.

"When you talk about post consumer products kinda mix into one it’s tougher to go find one of those water bottles mixed up in a big pile of paper, it’s a lot of manual work but it’s the right thing to do and it’s something there are working hard everyday."

He added the industry is always changing and it is hard to predict what the future for recycling will be and although, it is becoming tougher to sell materials,  jobs are fine and they have no issues with staffing.

"Our guys jobs haven’t change much, just taking care of quality, making sure things are getting through just fine, that way when they do get exported to China, the new regulation says each thing has to be inspected," Operations Manager Lucie Spohr said.

Venvertloh says people can help by making sure the items they toss out are recyclable and commonly people try and recycle items that are trash. 

For links of items accepted at Quincy Recycle click here.



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