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State’s Attorney says Memorial Day shooting was justified

Adams County State’s Attorney Gary Farha stated that a rural Adams Co. Memorial Day shooting by a homeowner was justified and no criminal prosecution will occur.

Farha stated after reviewing the investigatory reports by the Illinois State Police, that witness statements and the physical evidence both show that the homeowner made a reasonable, rational, and appropriate choice to use deadly force in this circumstance. 

Farha reported the homeowner was confronted by Logan Graham, 19, who had illegally and violently entered the residence. Graham had previously led law enforcement on a high speed chase, had returned to the residence, broken in a large window on the door of the residence and entered through that window. He reported that the homeowner pointed a firearm at Graham and repeatedly asked him to stop. Graham charged at the homeowner who then discharged the firearm, causing the death of the suspect, Farha stated.

Farha made the following statement:

Every citizen of our country has the right to protect their lives, the lives of their family members, and their home from violence. The law in the State of Illinois is clear on the use of deadly force. Under the circumstances presented in this case, the homeowner’s actions were justified. This was a regrettable and unfortunate incident and our thoughts and prayers are with both families involved. We wish to reiterate that the homeowner nor anyone in his family did anything to precipitate or encourage the criminal conduct of the suspect. If he would have survived his injuries, the suspect would have been facing serious criminal charges for his conduct.

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