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After delays, Hannibal riverfront project moves forward

At Tuesday’s Hannibal City Council meeting, steps to move forward with the riverfront redevelopment project took place as the council approved surveying for mussels at the project site.

This is a necessary step the city has to take in order to obtain a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers to work on the riverfront.

It’s a step that had been delayed but the Parks and Recreation Director Andy Dorian said it should now take place in the next week or two.

"We’re getting closer every single day. It’s a long process to do this. It’s not simple by any means and we’re itching to get to the final bidding phase." said Dorian.

If no endangered mussels are found, Dorian said that final bidding phase and construction on the riverfront could begin sooner than planned.

Also, at Tuesday’s city council meeting the council discussed the idea of changing parallel parking on Broadway to angle-in parking. Alderman approved the addition of a new position in the parks and recreation department. Alderman also approved repairs to the Hannibal airport runway and approved the purchase of new police squad cars.


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