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Perry, Missouri named top underrated town in state

A recent article on named Perry, Missouri the "Top Underrated Town in Missouri". It’s part of a list of the best underrated towns from all fifty states.

The article said Perry is a gateway to the Mark Twain Lake which is a few minutes away and a popular spot for fishing, camping and boating that draws millions of people every year.

"We’ve definitely seen an increase since 1984, when the dam was introduced," said Chad Williams, Mayor of Perry. "It’s only been positive so far and it helps us with our projects we like to do as well."

A big part of local tourism is the Mark Twain Lake itself. However, locals say there’s a lot more to Perry.

"People talk about the pies all over Missouri, that’s just what we’ve heard. We’ve had people come in from St. Louis from the airport just because they’ve heard people talking about the pie," said Ammie Gaston, Manager of Hootenanny Cafe and Amie’s Pies in town.

Gaston also said that a boost in tourism from the recognition would be good for the downtown area, which includes antique shops and restaurants.

"If we could get more people into town, they would see Perry has a lot to offer," said Gaston. "When you walk down main street, it is like stepping back in time. We are underrated but we have a lot to offer."

The article names La Salle, Illinois and Emmetsburg, Iowa as the most underrated towns in those states.

For’s complete list of "The Most Underrated Town in Every State", click here.


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