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Inspectors look at carnival rides at the Adams County Fair

The Adams County Fair kicked off on Wednesday but before kids took that first ride, a state inspector spent the day looking for safety issues.

Quincy mom Kelly Gronewold took her two-year-old to ride some of the attractions at the fair. 

"Being a mom, safety is always forefront," said Gronewold. 

With this being her daughter’s first ride, Gronewold says she didn’t really know what to expect as far as equipment safety goes. 

"I guess I just hope that nothing bad is going to happen and everything is going to go smoothly," said Gronewold. "So far everything has gone great."

An inspector with the Illinois Department of Labor was out at the carnival Wednesday morning, checking each ride. 

"You cannot operate in the state until they inspect it," said Theresa Noerper, VP of Archway Amusements. "It’s just to make sure everything is put together correctly and the structure isn’t compromised in any way and your footing and your anchors are good."

Noerper says staff also checks the rides daily. She says by this time of the year her staff knows what to look for.

"The gentlemen that run the ride and the women that run the ride, they know that ride and they specifically know what to look for," said Noerper. "If something isn’t quite right they have that feel before it would even show up."

It’s a double check because rider safety is paramount. 

"Without the safety we wouldn’t be in business," said Noerper. "We have an excellent record and we want to keep it that way."

If state inspectors find something not up to standard, carnival officials say they immediately address the problem before opening the ride to kids.

For more information on the Adams County Fair click here


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