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Members First Credit Union collection donations for Unmet Needs program

Members First Community Credit Union locations will be washing car windows and collecting cash donations for the Quincy Area Partnership for Unmet Needs between 12 p.m. til 5 p.m.

Unmet Needs is organized by the United Way of Adams County and the program is for people needing financial help for basic needs including rent and utilities. The program was established in 1996, and was inspired by the flood of 93′ for people who had nowhere else to turn.

"People coming together to help other that they may not know but they know the work that they put in is going to something do a lot of good for they community, " Director of Development & Communications Adam Duesterhaus said.

 Jill Thomas with Members First Community Credit Union says it’s important for them be involved to help others.    

"We’ve been creating this partnership with the United Way, just finding ways we can help they under served in the community it’s something were really passionate," Thomas said.

Members First Community Credit Unions are located on 24th & Broadway and 24th & Cedar. You do not have to be a member of the credit unions to make a donation. 

To learn more about the Quincy Area Partnership for Unmet Needs click here.


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