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Pilot makes emergency landing in Pike County, Illinois

Pike County Sheriff’s Office provided an update about the emergency landing near Pearl, Illinois.

In a press release police said it happened at 1:11 p.m. after the office was notified by the Kansas City Air Route Traffic Control Center about a plane trying to land at the Pittsfield airport, but was not going to make it.

KCARTCC indicated that the plane was two to six miles southeast of the Pittsfield Penstone Municipal Airport.

The release said the plane landed on 200th Avenue, about one miles southeast of Milton, Illinois. 

The pilot of the plane was 47-year-old Chaitanya Verma from Carrollton, Texas. 

The release said he was the only one on the plane and he was not injured. 

Sheriff Paul Petty said the pilot smelled smoke at approximately 8500 feet in the air. 

The RPM’s of the airplane increased and the airplane began losing speed and altitude. 

At some point during the emergency, the propeller from the plane broke off. 

Mr. Verna said he glided the plane down and made an emergency landing.  

The propeller has not been located. 

The investigators from the FAA Springfield Office arrived on scene and inspected the plane. 

It was later transported to Pittsfield airport for further inspection. 


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