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Entrepreneur brings new brewery to downtown Macomb area

Economic development near downtown Macomb is underway. The city put a brand new business in the hands of a local entrepreneur. 

A local entrepreneur is living his dream of starting his own microbrewery in Macomb. The construction on the new business is under way as the new brewery will soon be in this former record store in walking distance of downtown.

Co-Owner of Forgottonia Brewing Sean West no longer has to brew beer in his home garage.

After winning a retail business competition that the city of Macomb put on last week, West is now deep into planning his brand new business, Forgottonia Brewing. This is something West has been working on for years now.

"It’s something that I’ve wanted for a very long time," West said. It was basically just a process of telling everybody that I knew that I wanted to do this and then finally having that word get to people who could help me make it happen."

West isn’t wasting anytime as construction is underway at his new location. It will be in the building where a former record store on Route 67 used to be, just walking distance from the downtown square. 

"My three must-haves were to be close to downtown, close to the train station and to have an outdoor beer garden," West said.

West isn’t the only one excited about bringing the brewery to downtown Macomb, as local business owners around see it as a chance to continue this growth of economic development.

"It’s huge," Owner of Kozmic Game Emporium Adam Kozlowski said. "The more businesses that are in a community or area like this, the better. They understand that we’re all one community here working together." 

West has plans for an outdoor beer garden, indoor seating, six seasonally rotating beers and snack-like foods. 

"It has been incredible," West said. "I’ve been very happy with everything that I’ve been hearing and I’m hoping to partner with a lot of the local businesses here. I’m looking forward to serving this community."

The brewery is expected to open in spring of 2019. Until then, West plans to market Forgottonia Brewing at events, in parades and on social media.


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