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QPS set to auction off Dewey & Washington Elementary

Two Quincy elementary schools will soon be on the auction block. At a special meeting Friday morning, the Quincy Public School Board authorized the online sale of Dewey and Washington schools.

The school district closed Dewey and Washington at the end of the 2017-2018 school year due to the construction of new elementary schools. Neighbors we spoke to say they hope whoever buys the schools keeps the historical integrity of the buildings. 

"As children we would play after school and gather," said Quincy resident Pat Creek. "During summer school they’d have a special crafts to get acquainted as well as ball games for everybody."

Creek’s parents bought a home across from the school when she was just one year old. She now lives in her parent’s former home as an adult and says Dewey holds a lot of memories for her.

"Dewey has been special," said Creek. 

Now the future of the school is uncertain as both Dewey and Washington Elementary are set to be auctioned off later this month. 

"We will also have two lots of furniture like old desks, some bookcases, office furniture and things like that," said QPS Superintendent Roy Webb. 

Webb says the school board hopes to move quickly on the sale due to the cost of maintaining both buildings. 

"It’s quite an expense to keep a building up," said Webb. "Plus, the yard work and the landscaping to keep everything nice. It’s best for the school district as an economical purpose to divest in them and move them on to someone else."

Although Creek says it’ll be different not having the sounds of school children across the street, she’s happy the building isn’t being left to deteriorate. 

"Dewey will always have a special place in our hearts so we wish good things for whatever the future of this building is."

The 30-day online sale will start on August 22 and ends on September 26. Once the sale ends the school board will approve contracts.


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