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Lee County residents speak out about police investigation

Residents in Lee County are concerned after law enforcement conducted a death investigation near West Point, Iowa.

Amie Schmitz was visiting a friend today, who lives down the road from where a body was found on the 2000 block of 235th avenue.

"She lives so close to all the action that happened today and it was very upsetting," Schmitz said. "It was very upsetting and very, very frightening. Just the idea of it all, just happening right here."

Schmitz has a 14-year-old daughter and said the recent string of incidents like this in Iowa has the whole area feeling uneasy. 

"I mean it’s just a, just a really, creepy and uncomfortable feeling in the air, all over," Schmitz said. 

Ron Boding lives on the same street with his wife and witnessed law enforcement vehicles go up and down the street all day. 

"A 20-year-old girl, this day in age, you never know what is gonna happen," Boding said. "I’m sorry to hear it, for them, whoever her parents are." 

The body reported was a white female in her early to mid-20s. Police said this investigation has no ties with Mollie Tibbetts, but Boding says he’s still worried. 

"Montezuma and what’s going on here, it’s spooky," Boding said. 

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office, the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation and the DCI’s Crime Scene Team are working together in the investigation. 

For residents, they are waiting for an answer. 

"Just wondering, they need to find out, What is happening? Who is doing this? Is it one person," Schmitz said. 

Investigators say they are aware of the Mollie Tibbetts investigation and despite the description of a 20-year-old female in her 20s but they said it isn’t her.

Police said the investigation is ongoing and we will provide updates as more information comes into the newsroom. 


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