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Lots of foot traffic to take advantage Sales Tax Holiday

The Tax Free Holiday wrapped up in parts of the Tri-States on Sunday.

Families spent their weekend in the stores looking for back-to-school essentials without paying sales tax, because the lists can add up quickly.

Families opened wallets to spend money on back to school items like clothes and shoes and everyone is looking to do some savings. 

"With being a stay at home mom, it’s nice to take advantage of that and put it somewhere else," Marie Woods said.  

16 states including Missouri participate in the tax free holiday because families say the costs can add up in a hurry. 

"This will be my first year having two kids in school so it’s kind of nice to know we can save money, especially with learning how to put two kids in school," Woods said,  

The stores are cashing in, JC Penny in Hannibal saw a lot of foot traffic and managers said it’s a great weekend to help working families. 

"Any savings that we can pass along to them is a great thing," manager Paige Legg said. "Added on top of the sales and discounts for the back to school season. And save another 8.5 percent on top of that. " 

Despite online sales becoming a trend, Legg said more people are coming in because people from out of state are reaping the benefits. 

"Our customers have been excited and happy and the carts have been full and we are grateful for that," Legg said. 

The Woods family going home with a lot of new things…

"I try to get a nicer backpack and use it for several years and its the same way with bigger items like headphones, scissors, notebooks, and pencils," Woods said. 

The most popular items are athletic wear for kids active in sports.

According to the state department of revenue, not all cities, counties, and districts participated in the event, making it a great deal for local families. 


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