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Changes made to Quincy’s housing reinvestment loan program

Quincy City Council signed off on the neighborhood revolving loan program but with some changes. 

The program encourages home ownership in Quincy’s older neighborhoods. It includes a $3,000 grant that home buyers can use at closing as a down payment. 

Previously, the program gave sworn police officers and firefighters employed in Adams County a $5,000 grant, but aldermen scrapped that when they amended the ordinance on Monday night.

"We know that when you have a police officer that lives in your neighborhood, most likely it’s going to be a little bit safer, same with a fireman or a member of the EMS community," said Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore. "It was just a way that we were trying to get more public safety officials to live in our core neighborhoods. Unfortunately the city council didn’t support that. We’re happy they supported the gist of the city council. "

If you’re interested in the program you can pick up an application at City Hall. 


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