Local manufacturer brings new jobs to rural Missouri

A Tri-State manufacturer on the verge of moving out of the area a year ago is now finished with its latest expansion project. 

Nemo Manufacturing in La Grange, Missouri, is now twice the size it was a year ago. 

"The move, that took a lot to get these big machines up here," Assembler Joann Fields said. "The building up here and the atmosphere is great.  Everybody being able to see what’s going on, it just flows a little bit better."

The new 22,500 square foot facility allows for two new assembly lines, which is an opportunity for new employment.   

Fields enjoys her job as an assembler at Nemo Manufacturing.

"I thank them every day," Fields said. "I drive from Hannibal to come here. The benefits for me alone are everything and it’s well worth the drive."

The CEO and President at Nemo Manufacturing, Bob Havermale, said that this new expansion also allows him to bring in 20 new employees, and when it comes to an area like rural Missouri, this is a big opportunity.

"The opportunities for rural Missouri, they’re not around here," Havermale said. "So when you can have a high tech manufacturing facility right at your back door, sitting right here, it’s good for all the community."

Havermale said he’s already hired five new employees since the move and hopes to start hiring again in December. Employees, like Fields, hopes residents take advantage of this. 

"La Grange should be very proud," Fields said. "I wish they would actually come and be more interested in this and see what this is really about. This is big and they need to be interested." 

In the next 12 to 18 months, the manufacturer plans to finish a second expansion plan, which includes a 9,000 square foot building behind the new one. It will also start the hiring process for those addition 20 jobs. The facility currently employs 29 people.



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