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Quincy Mall using different strategy to fill vacant stores

In just days, the Quincy Mall will see one store close for good with another one right behind it.

New plans are in the works, as the mall implements a new strategy. 

Sears will only be open four more days and Bergners down the hall is on it’s way out too.

Now the mall is focused on what it calls service-based, internet-proof stores, like this new ice cream shop that will open in the fall.

Two staples of the Quincy Mall, closing their doors and more are exiting. 

"The mall was great to us, I mean, they have a lot of activities that brought in customers, but we need more foot traffic," Cromie said. 

Quincy Books manager Angela Cromie said her store is leaving the mall next month, heading to the strip mall next to Hobby Lobby. 

"They want the areas that are by the grocery stores and those are the things we are looking for," Cromie said.  

A lot of shoppers have moved their focus to online, which is why Quincy Books and mall directors are trying to adapt. 

"It’s become as important to position ourselves as a community center than as a shopping center," Jenkins said. "You do that by providing different events."

This week, customers are seeing store closing signs and everything must go sales at Sears and Bergners.

Mall Director Mike Jenkins said the company is working to fill the void by focusing on local businesses.

"We would like to have the big people in here but it really adds more flavor and adds to the local community and those people with the entrepreneurial spirit," Jenkins said. 

Jenkins said the mall is also focused on restaurants.

Que-Town Bar-B-Que is holding its grand opening this weekend and managers believe they could grow in the mall because of it’s centralized location.

"We like to keep the focus on how we can expand ourselves, maybe into catering and delivery one day and have live music in the restaurant," Manager Jacob Young said. 

Jenkins said major franchises have been interested in Quincy Mall but, nobody has stepped up to fill Bergners or Sears.

The company says Bergners is closing early to mid-September. 


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