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New owner for condemned home aims to tear it down

Hannibal City Council found a new owner to take over a condemned home near the intersection at Walnut and Birch.

The house has been condemned for some time, and city officials said it’s a complicated demolition job due a the rock wall in front of the house.
A new deal between the current property owners, city and an interested party aims to take the building down while saving taxpayer money. 

The city plans to buy the deed for one dollar, then sell it to the new owner for the same price.

"For the person who is interested in the property, they can have something nice near their house, do a nice garden, flowers planters things like that," said City Manager Jeff LaGarce, "and for us it’s a good deal because a demolition like this may cost 4, 6, 8, you know, 9 thousand dollars. These demolitions are really expensive, and we don’t have to demolish it now."

LaGarce said there are more than 30 condemned properties in Hannibal.


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