Residents express concerns over Knights of Columbus BBQ

Thursday was the first night of the Knights of Columbus BBQ in Quincy, and residents around the festival are concerned with parking and litter issues. 

"If there’s drinking or anything like that involved people might be coming by and throwing garbage in the yard or anything like that," said Quincy resident Marc Meyer. 

Meyer lives less than 300 feet away from the Knights of Columbus. Meyer says the biggest issue he’s had with the K of C patrons is parking.

"They put the ‘no parking’ signs out ahead of time and if anybody does park where there not supposed to around here, if they call the police they address it," said Meyer.

"Those are very narrow streets," said 5th Ward Alderman Mike Rein. "There’s very little parking accessible"

Rein says lately he’s had several of his constituents call, expressing their concerns over parking. 

"They don’t have big driveways so there’s a lot of residents who use on-street parking so that’s one of the things they’re concerned about," said Rein. "They don’t want to get trapped in their driveway or garage with people parked behind them."

Trash is also a concern.

"The Knights of Columbus does a really good job trying to police that and provide opportunities for people not to take trash off the property, so the neighborhoods stay clean," said Rein.

With the K of C BBQ being a Quincy tradition for many families, Rein asks those attending to be courteous of the families living around the area. 

"Please go and have a good time, just don’t make a mess," said Rein.

Deputies from the Adams County Sheriff’s Office will be on the grounds each night to keep things under control. They’ll also be enforcing no-parking zones around the area. 

To help relieve the parking issues, the Knights of Columbus will run a free shuttle on Friday and Saturday. 

The shuttle will leave Flinn Stadium and drop you off at the entrance to the barbeque off 36th street. The shuttle runs from 5:00 to midnight. 



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