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Fitness program to fight against obesity

Two local organizations are taking on a big health concern in Adams County.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data shows Adams is the most obese county in Illinois and that 37% of the residents are considered obese. On Monday the Quincy Kroc Center and YMCA announced a joint program to help address the issue, People in Adams County Taking Initiative on Obesity Now (ACTION).

"As a fitness and community center we have 6,000 members and we felt it was incumbent upon us to really take a stand against obesity, but we also understood it was an issue we could not tackle alone," said Chad Rodgers the Salvation Army Director of Operations at the Kroc Center.

"Of course we through our hands up and said, yes, absolutely let’s bring two strong organizations together in our community and show the community together we can be stronger," said the YMCA Operations Director Johanna Voss.

Both centers will open their doors for free to anyone 8 and older who lives or works in the county for a 10-week program. From September 10 through November 11, participants can take advantage of fitness plans and health seminars. 

"As an eight-year-old, if you don’t know how to go out and just play that’s going to impact you in your twenties," said Voss. "As a twenty-five-year-old if you’re not being active now when you turn fifty what’s going to be going on in your body."

"A program like this could be the difference of a dad walking his daughter down the aisle or a mom seeing her son or daughter graduate because she might not be there," Rodgers said. "Obesity has the real impact to steal dreams." 

The Kroc Center will host a Kick-off for People in Action on Sunday, August 25 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. There will be a fitnesss class, healthy cooking demonstrations, and a wellness fair. Health experts also weigh you, take body measurements and answer questions.

Registration will begin at the kick-off. If you are unable to attend you can still register either at the Kroc Center or the YMCA through Sunday, September 9. 


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